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Panasonic Commercial Electric Rice Cooker with 23-Cup Cooking Capacity, Built-In Thermal Safety Fuse, Automatic Shut-Off, Stainless Steel Lid and Easy-to-Clean Removable Pan Liner

Have the ability and freedom to cook a wide range of foods from grilled chicken to seafood boils, the Outdoorsman High-Low combo was designed to do it all. Complete with a high output burner that can be used to heat large amounts of liquid quickly and a low output burner that can be used for pancakes and eggs. If you want to boil, brew, fry, grill or griddle this is the stove to for you.

An excellent catering unit and practical lunch server, this unit is available in charcoal or propane,with or without rotisserie. The 6' Propane Tow Grill can be used as either combination,Propane or Charcoal, by adding Charcoal on drip pan.